Completed Petition Pages

Last year, I overlooked a section of the Texas Election Code, Sec. 142.009, that severely limits the time that an independent candidate can begin circulating a petition for a place on the ballot to after the primary elections.

As a result, the hundreds of signatures I gathered became invalid, and COVID restrictions both caused me to lose the job I had and reduced my ability to collect signatures, so I was unable to pay the $1,250 filing fee or collect another 500 signatures..

The petitions are public records, so as convenient, I posted some completed pages.


Questionnaires I was asked to complete:

In 2015, I ran for Dallas City Council before moving to Fort Worth, and my views may have evolved since then.

Here are my responses to the Hammer & Nails PAC questions:

Different organizations had various concerns.

DCC Candidate Questionnaire_May 2015 Elections-signed

These are some of the ways I would address them.

DCaldwell-District6-QuestionaireDALLASCityCouncil (1)

I showed up in the news a couple times.


And remember, I speak Spanish.


2021 Candidate for Mayor of Fort Worth

In 2015, I ran for Dallas City Council before moving to my brother’s house Fort Worth.

In 2016, I went to law school.

Having graduated and passed the bar, I have moved back and plan to settle here.

With that in mind, I would like to do what I can to improve some issues I have seen in local government and infrastructure.


I am creating this page among others to make sure you can find at least some little bit about me if you are looking up options of who to vote for. Please contact me if you would like to make a contribution, suggestion, or request. You can also send questions asking what I stand for.
What do you want to know?